About Us

At The Gathering Table Company, our mission is to provide custom hand crafted tables that create a foundation for communities to gather, unite, and restore.

The Gathering Table Co. began simply with the idea of our two families starting a business together.  First, it was just a table company because we have an amazing carpenter who has a love for woodworking.  But we all felt a personal desire to give back to our local community as well. Then came moments for each of us that placed on our heart the significance of a table and how a table can mean so much to those seeking to find community.  The table is a symbol of inclusion in every culture and offers a safe place where people can come together, unite and become restored through growth and healing.  Each table that we make is handcrafted to provide the opportunity for people to share meals, share stories, fellowship with one another, laugh together, cry together, and create memories together.  When you buy one table, we are giving one table to a local outreach organization.  And by the purchase of your table, you get to become part of that story. We thank you for being a part of what we're doing. Get to know us and this company on a more personal level by following our blog and on social media.