And So It Begins

It is hard to believe the time has finally come, but we are excited to share this company with you!  This time of year tends to bring with it a renewed focus of gratitude for the blessings we have in our lives and more time spent with family and friends.  We are extremely grateful to be able to share with you for a moment how this journey began for us. 

Our families have been close for a long time. Cheryl and Melissa went to high school together so that tells you just how long (we won't discuss exactly how many years ago that was...).  Over the years, Jeff and Mark joined the party and there has grown a friendship that is very special to the four of us. We have also had the joy of seeing our children develop relationships with each other that make us very proud.  We’ve known each other through many different seasons in life and the best part is we still laugh as much together now as we always have (it can be hard to have a productive business meeting)!.  During the course of this friendship, there have been many conversations about starting a business of some kind together, but no idea ever felt like “the one”. Then came the idea for The Gathering Table Company.  

Jeff is a talented and passionate woodworker and was working on a dining table for Mark and Melissa’s home. As we began discussing the significance of this particular piece of furniture in any household, the idea for our company started to take form.  We believe the table offers a safe place where people of any background can come together, unite and become restored through growth and healing. In a home, it is a place where families gather to spend time together, to make important decisions, to laugh and cry, to solve problems and to pray and dream about the future. 

Once our product came together and its meaning came to light, we knew we had to find a way to build it with a purpose. Placed on our hearts is a responsibility to help others, so we decided to include in our business model a very real way to provide a gathering place to those in need through charitable organizations in our local community. 

At The Gathering Table Company, we believe that having a proper table in a home or community shouldn’t be limited to just those with the money to buy that table.  For every table purchased, we will donate a table and benches to a local outreach organization with whom we’ve partnered. So, by purchasing a table from GTC, you allow us to offer a gathering spot for a family or community in need which enriches the story behind the table in your own home. We think that's pretty cool.

We want to offer a traditional way in which people can celebrate the comfort of just being together.  Because being gathered together allows more power to be able to receive healing and grace.  Our hope is that your table will signify your family's gathering place now and in the years to come.

This journey is constantly evolving and we look forward to what’s ahead.  Please check back often for updates, getting to know us better and most importantly to see what impact your purchase can make in the community.   


“Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them”.  Matthew 18:20