Buy One Unite Many

At GTC our mission is clear, provide custom hand crafted tables that create a foundation for communities to give, unite, and restore.  We recognized as a team that progress towards achieving this mission wasn’t guaranteed, we had to create it through raising awareness and finding the right places for our tables to call home.  It’s really incredible to see what has happened since our last post and the great thing is we are just getting started.

Delivering tables to our Outreach Partners is one of the most fun and special things we get to do.  Jeff and Mark just delivered our most recent table donation to Community First Village where it will be used in one of the outdoor gathering spaces.  Getting out there and being part of a greater purpose is really the whole point of why The Gathering Table Co. exists.  Of course Jeff, our woodworker, loves to build amazing looking tables but being able to then donate tables to those who are being empowered to restore through these amazing organizations is invaluable. 


We are currently working with three organizations in the local Austin, Texas community whose common mission is to provide support and hope to those in need.  Our first partnership began with Community First Village which is a 27-acre master planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.  It’s a place where the homeless can rediscover hope, renew their purpose and restore their dignity.  It is a place for community and a place to call home.  Community First Village is like no other program in the country and what is being done out there is indescribable.  It has come together through the sheer generosity of people who want to make a difference and whose desire to do so has led them to selflessly build a relationship with those in need.  Community First Village is always offering events and volunteer opportunities so that the surrounding community can learn more and be in constant interaction with the growth of the residents living there.  To learn more, visit their website at

We’ve recently partnered with Caritas of Austin and look forward to working with their veterans assistance program in which they are committed to solving veteran homelessness.  They secure stable housing for veterans and their families and we will be donating tables that will be placed in the home for these families to gather together.  Caritas of Austin has been around for over 50 years serve thousands of families and individuals who do not have a stable place to call home. Caritas of Austin empowers people toward the life they want and believes that a thriving community derives its strength from providing all members the opportunity to be self-reliant.  Over this past year, Caritas of Austin will help prevent or end homelessness for over 100 veteran families.  This is amazing to think about and such hope for the men and women who’ve fought for our country and returned to civilian life sometimes not in the best circumstances.  Visit to find out more.

We’re also excited about the opportunity to work with The Refuge – Austin.  The Refuge will provide long-term, holistic care in a pastoral and peaceful setting for girls ages 11-17, who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. Each girl will have her own plan of restoration based on a comprehensive approach to long-term residential care which will include on site education services, medical care, therapeutic programs such as gardening, equine, art, music and pet therapy, along with one-on-one counseling and group therapy with licensed professional therapists. The girls are housed in distinctively designed cottages that not only provide safety and security, but also a sense of family and community.  What most people don’t realize is that in our own country and our own state, there is a severe societal problem in regards to the commercial sexual exploitation of children, also known as domestic minor sex trafficking. As more children are identified and rescued from their exploitive situation, there is a growing need for comprehensive, long-term, trauma-informed services to allow the child to heal and live a life of productivity and hope.  Currently, most children do not have access to the broad range of therapeutic services they need to begin their healing journey.  The Refuge will bring that much needed resource and we’ll be able to provide tables to areas within their facilities for these young women to come together.  Find out more about what The Refuge is doing at

How grateful and honored we are to be able to donate tables to these amazing and life-changing organizations who are working tirelessly to tackle some of our country’s major issues.  What a blessing for our customers to be able to directly impact not only a life but a whole family or community.  And what a great story to be able to share with others that through the purchase of your table, you were able to create remarkable change.  Through your one purchase, we can unite many.